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Thread: How and why have beaks evolved?

  1. #1 How and why have beaks evolved? 
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    How and why have beaks evolved?

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    Bird beaks right?

    Beaks, if we're talking about shape and structure, fill their own set of needs. Wikipedia has nice image here.

    I'm not sure.. in which framework you're thinking but evolution-wise beaks evolved because they enhanced a certain feature (such as the ability to crack harder seeds, or another example a beak becomes more narrow if the living circumstances call for it) Note that the previous example is not a short process, again I'm not sure how much you know about evolution.
    'Why' evolve is what I'm reading here is because of survival. Read some of darwin's works, or even more specific:

    1. Blackwell Publishing, Ltd.
    Bite performance and morphology in a population of
    Darwinís finches: implications for the evolution of beak

    2. The calmodulin pathway and evolution of elongated beak morphology in Darwin's finches

    Good luck

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    If you meant squid beaks, here's a good write-up:
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    I think we find them mostly in birds because their light weight has advantages for flying. Otherwise, a jaw consists of the underlying bone, the flesh to cover the bone, and then the protruding teeth.
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