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Thread: Software for the Periodic Table of Elements

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    I am a High School student who worked with other students to design and develop, The Elements 1.08 from Zortech Solutions. This is computer software for learning the Periodic Table of Elements! This software was specially designed to be used by students and teachers.

    The Elements provides detailed information about the elements and allows you to print the element's information. Quickly display an element's information by entering an element's Atomic Number, Symbol or Name. Does your Periodic Table of Element's provide updates when new information is released? Well ours does! We will release free software updates, which will update the software that you have purchased! We will even notify you by email, when new information is released. Some features include:

    -Interactive Element Quizzes
    -Up-to-Date information about the elements
    -Quiz Editor to select which elements to be quizzed on
    -Print quiz results
    -Easy to use interface
    -Print element information
    -Easily search elements by: Atomic Number, Symbol or Name

    Try The Elements Online Demo:

    For more information, visit The Element's website:

    This software only runs on Windows XP

    Pre-Order this software now and pay only $5.00! (Plus Shipping) Pre-Ordering is not a commitment and you may cancel your order at anytime. Pre-Ordering does not require any payment.

    Pre-Order The Elements:

    Zortech Solutions
    Phone: (734) 752-4645



    Zortech Solutions is a small computer company located in southeastern Michigan that is run by students.

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    hey that's really good scienceman :wink:
    im a student and my old science teacher would have loved to have this kind of resource for teaching my class bout the periodic table, cause he had a bit of trouble teaching the rest of my unmotivated class bout science in general let alone the periodic table of elements

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