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    Hi everybody,
    I'm doing this experiment for my major school certificate project: 'What effect does light or darkness have on the growth of seedling?Explain why?' and would like some help.

    I read the criteria and it said that "Explain in which areas of technology, the environment or society in general, your problem or theory is important and why.
    To earn full marks for outlining (3 marks)
    -Identifies all major areas of application- I don't know any, please help

    -Assesses the importance of Science solving problems- (I'm going to talk about the how sunlight is important for growth in humans and also plants, E.g Photosynthesis)

    -Correctly evaluates the effect- I do not understand, does this mean I have to show how it is important?

    and i would like to also know : who said that sunlight is important for growth in plants or/and humans.

    All help is deeply appreciated,


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