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Thread: Career Options

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    1.) Obtain Anthro degree. Go to grad school for Neuropysch.

    2.) Obtain Anthro degree. Go to grad school for Anthro. Become a Professor.

    3.) Obtain Anthro degree. Take Chem I, II and Organic Chem along with Pre-Calc post- undergrad. Apply to Bio Master's program. Become a Researcher/Teacher.

    4.) Obtain Anthro degree. Get an unrelated job. Keep reading and learning in my free time.


    -Which is the best option, in your opinion?

    -Where can I get a degree in Neuropsychology?

    -I will have taken around 25-30 hours of Bio courses by the time I graduate even though it is only my Minor..can I work at a local zoo or perhaps the Carolina Raptor Center, working with birds?

    -Should I also consider Forensic Anthropology? I like to study fossils...

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