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Thread: Compound Light Microscope Help

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    Hello everyone! I hope this is in the right category for this subject, if not I apologize.

    I am going to sell a slightly used compound light microscope. I bought it around 2009, and have barely touched it. It also came with many replacements and such, and i bought more for it, so it actually now has more things with it than when I originally purchased.

    What's it worth? Any help is really appreciated and thanks for reading my loooong post!



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    Hi Tiger, and welcome to The Science Forum.

    I've removed most of your very long post including several pictures. This forum is for the discussion of scientific topics, it is really not for the discussion of the value of second hand scientific equipment and it is absolutely not a marketplace. Under some circumstances, I might give a user the benefit of the doubt when it comes to a topic like this, where advice is being sought. However, this is your only contribution to our community to date and it seems unlikely to me that you will stick around once you've sold your microscope. We can't be seen to encourage people to register just so they can sell things to our users and I have no wish to see this sort of thread become common here.

    Please have a read of our posting guidelines thread, in which it is made clear that posts with a commercial function are not permitted. I will now lock this thread. If you have any comments or feedback, I would encourage you to send me a PM. Alternatively, you may start a thread in our feedback forum, or send a message to one of our administrators, Skinwalker or (In)Sanity.


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