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    I know this is a bit of a stereotype, but you kinda have to admit it's somewhat true: many many asians wear glasses and most of them are a bit introverted or shy.

    Why is this? In my class for example 95% of asians wear glasses!!

    So, what do you think is the etiology (cause) of this?

    thank you

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    I have no idea. Perhaps it's the same thing that prevents whitey's from using spell checkers before they post. :wink:

    (Quick aside: do you often confuse respectfulness for intorversion?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by lokariototal
    So, what do you think is the etiology (cause) of this?
    A non-representative population sample combined with a confirmation bias.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lokariototal
    many many asians wear glasses
    Ethnicity plays a role in vision problem

    Quote Originally Posted by lokariototal
    and most of them are a bit introverted or shy.
    I've heard it called 'social restraint" (that is, how people behavior in public). I've also heard of the idea that some ethnicities have more of it and some have less of it. Examples of varying levels of social restraint appear on TV games shows. I think it's a learned behavior.
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    The myopia rate amongst Chinese people is significantly higher than Western Europe. The rate amongst Chinese school children is something like 70%. I think the data may be a bit wonky though, because British studies looking at university students found that 53% of Asian students had myopia and 50% of Caucasian students had it.

    Astigmatism is also more common amongst people of Asian descent.

    Introversion I'm just going to put down to your cultural bias.
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