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    bei jing
    i'm 16.(my english is please read it 3 times or over u can understand me.thx)and study science.but i lost a examination.i''m chinese.i feel very helpless.i can't study anymore.and everyday i play computer games.chatting.and have really really bad mood.u know.i love science.give me some suggestions.i need helpp.i need stand up?i feel i 'm so week. what could i do that could let me be happy.maybe something less in my what could make my mood better?i find out that everybody need onemoment.i feel like i love all the life in the world.but's just break donw.i eaven can't love myself.and i'm in puzzle.

    hi.i'm chinese and 16.let's happy togther,the happiness is full of the world it's english is poor ,i feel so fear,it makes drink some beer the stroy is over
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    Your main problem is that you are sixteen. Growing up is often painful. People who say the happiest years of their lives were when they were teenagers are either 1) lying b) have poor memories c) very lucky.

    Stick in there (keep trying) . Try to do some study every day. Find someone who shares an interest. Understand that things will get better.

    Writing how you are feeling on here may help.

    Good luck.

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    hormonal trouble, we've all gone through it :wink:

    Maybe you should find some books on human biology, may give a lot of relief to at least know what's causing teenage emotion problems. And you'll learn something usefull in the process.

    By the way, your english is quite good. When I was 16 my english wasn't completely correct either (it's my second language as well). And still, your english is better then our chinese :P
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    what you need dude is to get something to do that makes u happy that doesnt involve other people. if u loive science
    is a great site, read alot then learn. use the knowledge in new ways. that makes atleast me happy asnd i love science.
    grab a hold of yourself and get your life back on the tracks and enver let a woman ruin your day. If you let your emotions for a girl ruin your day youre weak. of course you can get sad but lock those feelings away and do something that makes you happy and release the sadness in portions so they are neutrolised by your happiness slowly.
    you cant imagen how many emotions ive locked away, ignored, supressed. of course i get sad but i do something to make me happy wich compensate that and ive never let a woman make me sad. do the same
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    Ah yes, the putrid, hapless, nearly suicidal days of adolescence.

    These are anything but the golden years.
    My suggestions?
    1. Disassociate with any person considered "popular" (they matter not in a few years)
    2. Be a proud nerd and keep your nose in a book, rather than covered in white powder
    3. Refuse to eat Bagels on Sundays.
    Cogito, ergo doleo.

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    u know really what's your problem?? that you donn't have a target in your life ( something in your life you want really to achieve it and make it)
    believe me if you don't have a taget you will live your life like most people do just doing nothing . you will feel useless , boring and disappointed..

    what to do??
    first.. ask yourself a real question...what's my real target?? what do i love to do?? what's my role in life?
    pick a paper and pen and write down all you thoughts write everything in your mind even the nonsense,..answer these questions what's my target in life??

    ask your self what would happend if all the people in the whole world was exactly live like me,..what would happend in technology, medicine, physics, astronomy, engineering,...etc?? no progress will occur right?? so why don't i make this progress?? why don't i be like Edison?? who was fired from his school but he presisted to do something to humanity and he did the lamp!

    why don't u be like him?? first you should determine your target and what u really like..then write down how could you reach these targets!what should u study,..and also read more as zelo told u the more u read, the more u develop ureself!

    decide to make something for people , humanity,..and then all happiness will come kneeling to u
    and good luck,..any explaination ,..iam here..
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    When I was 16 - a lot of bad things happened to me - Its hard when your 16 because you don't totally have control over your life - What kept me going through all the bad things was knowing that in the future every thing would change - I would go to college - I would make friends - I would fall in love - I would have my own place - my own money--

    So my advice is look toward your future - and do the best you can on the present - and don't think about bad things in your past - like your science exam - focus ahead - do better on the next one. And things will get better.

    You asked can you eat something that will make you feel better.
    You sound depressed. If you eat healthy food- it will make you feel better.
    And some people even cure their depression through exercise-
    So try exercising, like jogging - it releases endorphins- chemicals in your brain that make you happy.
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    Hey, I know that you wrote your letter a couple of months back, and maybe things are a little better for you now. If they aren't, then I have a few suggestions for you.

    First of all, how much time do you spend outside in the sun? Believe it or not, this affects many people with depression because the sun helps the brain to release dopamine, which has a huge affect on how happy you feel. If you're constantly in a dark room, or you spend only enough time outside to get to school and back, this can have a marked impact on your emotions.

    As many others stated, you're 16, and unfortunately many of us go through hell and back during the teen years. As you get older, this should mellow out some and help you to feel better.

    It's helpful to find one thing you really love and study it to death. For you, it sounds like science does this for you. Maybe there's one particular branch of science that you really love more than all others. If so, study everything you can on that particular subject. This is probably how certain teens came up with things like plastic being dangerous to heat in the microwave because of the carcinogenics released into the food. For my son, his only release was art. We encouraged him to draw so that he could have an outlet for the emotions he was feeling. He won some awards at school for his artwork after honing all those skills through his emotional time.

    Eating right, as mentioned before by others, also is important. The less junk food you eat, the more balanced your system is. But let's face it, food just doesn't have the kind of vitamin content that the body needs because of all the environmental factors. So taking a multivitamin, especially one geared toward men, can also be beneficial to you. Men have different metabolisms and functions than women, so vitamins intended for men will help meet those particular needs.

    Does your family encourage you? If so, do all you can to believe it when they tell you they love you. It's easy to discount what others say when we don't feel just right. But taking another person's words as true by faith is one of the ultimate tests of our own strength.

    Finally, be patient. And I know that's hard. But really, you will begin to feel better. This is probably the hardest time for most people. And you probably see lots of other teens who seem to have it made, and that nothing is wrong in their lives. They hide it. They try to act as if nothing is wrong, but inside a lot of them are dealing with the same self-doubts as you are. Very few will discuss it because they would rather fake it than have others know their weaknesses. You're just one of the ones who was brave enough to admit that you're weak, but in reality you're stronger than the one who won't admit it.
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