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Thread: Genetics problem (DNA synthesis rate)

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    Hi to all. I'm trying to solve this genetic problem but there no is way I can do it, so I hope anyone can help me (sorry for my bad English):

    "We expose 10^9 yeast cells (in exponential growing) to a 10 minutes pulse of nucleotides labeled with phosphorus-32 in the alpha phosphate, with an specific activity of 80 Ci/mol (ci = curium = 2,22x10^12 dpm). After the pulse, we purify all the DNA, which has become radiactive with an activity of 55000 dpm. Using this information, calculate the DNA synthesis rate of each yeast cells in nucleotides / second"

    I think the answer must be between 30-60 nucleotides / second. I've tried using the formulas of radiactivity, but nothing coherent.


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    Hi man I tried to solve it although I am not a student of Genetics but I have studied Genetics in a wider way..... And the answer which I got is 29.993/seconds....
    Its enough or not??

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    Your number seems to be in the right range, perhaps at the low end. What method did you use to arrive at your figure?
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    I got 310 nucleotide/second for each cell.

    Maybe I added a zero somewhere along the way by accident lol.
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