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Thread: Why are mens testicles on the outside of the body?

  1. #1 Why are mens testicles on the outside of the body? 
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    Feel its a rather stupid question. But i cant see the reason, and with reason i mean advantages, of the mans testicles being outside the body. Why couldnt they might aswell have been inside the body? It seems strange that such a "weakness" would survive evolution.

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    Temperature control. Sperm need to be at a fairly specific temperature to survive. Keeping them in the body would be too warm.

    You'll notice that when you're hot, they sag lower... it increases surface area, increases cooling, and takes them farther away from the heat of the body.

    When you're cold, they pull inward to warm again. This is why there is the common joke about jumping in a cold pool and things "disappearing" for some men, or why they experience shrinkage. The cold causes them to retract in order to ensure they warm again.

    The sperm can only exist within a fairly specific temperature window. Having them outside the body allows us modulate temperature more effectively.

    EDIT: I'm not sure if it's about sperm "existence" or sperm "production," but the idea is that temperature has a huge impact on their health.

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    Temperature control is important for healthy sperm production.

    As inow mentioned, there is a small range of temperature in which healthy sperm is produced. Sperm cannot survive in high temperatures, and for humans the optimal temperature is 2°C below normal body temperature. If not maintained at the correct temperature, sperm may be non-fertile, non-motile, or have other defects. While there are always sperm that are defective to a degree, the percentage that are increases at higher temperatures.
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    how would I be able to fondle them otherwise?
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    Good functional answers but the question is flawed. "Why" indicates a reason, a logic. Evolution doesn't follow reason or logic - it effectively tries many different pathways and those that work sustain.
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    I also found it interesting that the sperm/blood/nerve conduits for the testicles don’t pass into the abdomen at the groin, but run (left and right) under the skin up the belly to about where the bladder is, then go through two openings in a couple layers of abdominal, sheet-like muscles.

    This is where inguinal hernias occur (ie, the opening ruptures) when men lift something too heavy, and the intestine that can subsequently bulge through the rupture can also advance down into the scrotum or even the thigh. (Yesh!)

    Women also have this inguinal opening (something called a "round ligament" passes through it), and women can also suffer inguinal hernias.
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