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Thread: Which is a better way to make dilutions?

  1. #1 Which is a better way to make dilutions? 
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    Please can anyone give me some advice on which the best method for making several dilutions of a substance. A substance that is, for theory sake, labeled 'solution 100%'?

    Diluting by volume: e.g. to make 10cm3 of a solution:
    Mix 9cm3 of the solution with 1cm3 of distilled water for a 90% concentration
    Mix 8cm3 of solution with 2cm3 distilled water for an 80% concentration

    Serial dilution: e.g Put 9cm3 of distilled water into a test tube and add 1.0cm3 of the solution. Then put 9cm3 of distilled water into another test tube and add 1.0cm3 of solution from the 1st test tube etc.

    Is there a website where I can read about this?

    Thank you

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    The method of dilution that is used will depend on need, e.g. if you need to use solutions at all of the different 'intermediate' concentrations, serial dilution would probably be the simplest method. - with self-test MCQs

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    I have this inkling in the back of the mind that tells me serial dilution is much better for producing very dilute solutions because when you're pipeting 1ul of the stock solution into the distilled water any error will cause a much larger effect than if you were pipeting 50 ul of a diluted solution into distilled water.

    I got no source or research to back that up at hand though.
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