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Thread: Designing machines after the organs of organisms.

  1. #1 Designing machines after the organs of organisms. 
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    Hey guys, I remember reading somewhere of an antenna that was shaped like an ear and as a result was very efficient and had good signal.

    Are there any more examples of machines designed after biological organs, which function more efficiently than their counterparts?

    Help please

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    Yes. There are bunch of machines, and even artificial systems that are built on examples from nature. Actually, there's a science about it Bionics (biomimicry, biomimetics, bio-inspiration, biognosis) either way you want. It uses mechanisms from nature and applies them in technology. Here are some examples.

    The wing structure of butterflies has inspired the creation of new nanosensors to detect explosives.
    The cooling system of the Eastgate Centre building, in Harare was modeled after a termite mound to achieve very efficient passive cooling
    Some paints and roof tiles have been engineered to be self-cleaning by copying the mechanism from the Nelumbo lotus(a water plant)
    The wing structure of the blue morpho butterfly was studied and the way it reflects light was mimicked to create an RFID tag that can be read through water and on metal

    There are so many inventions in todays world based on natures systems that it would be impossible to count lol

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