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Thread: New Obstacles Face Cloning Attempts

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    Hey everyone,

    I found this really interesting article at Technology Review that relates to the cloning experiments being done at Harvard. Apparently they're running into problems other than ethical ones. They are worried they will not have a large enough supply of donor eggs to complete their experiments. You can check out the whole article here:

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    It's a good thing we're not in South Korea. One of the somewhat forgotten fallouts from the Korean cloning scandal (the complete fabrication of results) was that many of the female researchers had donated their own eggs to the efforts. What is not explained in any detail is who exactly donated the eggs, what are their job titles and did they gain any career benefits from donating. In the academic research arena, there exists a clear oligarchy. The PI of the lab holds all the power. Let's hope that there are always clear restrictions in place in the US for allowing scientists to donate eggs to research. It's a dangerous procedure and allowing it would start us too down the slippery slope of "what are you willing to do to advance your career".

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