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Thread: Help needed regarding edge effect. THANKS A LOT!!

  1. #1 Help needed regarding edge effect. THANKS A LOT!! 
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    Hey i need help with validating this hypothesis!

    I'm currently using the 96- well plate for an experiment pertaining to bacteria and fungi cells. With regards to the prevalence of edge effect, is there a possibility of the fungi cells losing it's potency against the bacteria due to the change in osmotic pressure that causes it to burst? I'm currently working with S. Aureus and it's a gram- positive bacteria hence i was hypothesizing if it's possible that the samples at the edge of the plate display no inhibition against the bacteria due to the fact that S. Aureus possess taut cell walls that are able to withstand the osmotic pressure while the fungi cells possess cell walls that are unable to resist the pressure. Therefore while the fungi cells have burst and lost their ability of inhibition, the S. Aureus cells are continuing to multiply, hence the compromise in accuracy of the screening.

    Thanks to anyone who can help me with it! (=

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