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    How does the hypothalmus moniter blood/lymph, how is it the link between the nervous system and the endocrine?

    Nerve bundles around the body? its just something i decided to ask you.

    i tryed good old wikipedia but it was too much to take in, and try and make sense. its only to satisfy my curious mind!

    where does it pick up changes in hormone levels, and how.



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    The hypothalamus is the link between the endocrine and nervous system because is has both endocrine and nervous function. It secretes substances, which can act as both a neurotransmitter, which acts on synaptic terminals, or, it can be secreted into the blood, and act on organs which have those specific receptors on. The hypothalamus senses changes in blood by using hormones which are secreated by the heart and other organs, which are put under pressure when homeostasis is disturbed. The hypothalamus is alerted to these, by these hormones attaching to the receptors, and so it can take action.
    Dont know whether that helps.... :-D

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    I'm pretty sure a part of it is right next to blood vessels so that is water levels are too low osmosis makes the osmotic sesnsor shrink then it releases ADH making the kidney reabsorb more water. I don't remember anything about the other hormones though.. :S
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