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Thread: Hypnosis, the brain, creativity

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    I'm starting a project about the effects of hypnosis on my ability to compose music. I've been playing the piano for 3-4 years. I cannot read music but i'm getting better at playing by ear. The reason I play is to compose.

    The first problem is that I end up composing simular stuff all the time. If I have not played for a few days (the longer the better) I will tend to compose new 'ideas'. Is is me or my sub-conscience (or whichever state) that makes me creative, or neither?

    The second problem is when playing in front of new people (or an audience) my ability to compose new stuff that I haven't before is killed. It seems that because i'm nervous i'm thinking about every key I press.

    So if i'm relazed by a hypnotist, then put in a sub-conscience state and asked to play the piano, what will happen? Will I simply be able to recite anything that I can remember from what i've composed before, due to the fact that the subconscience is learned things that you don't think about, or would I be more/as creative.

    I'm sure it's not as simple as this, and there are supposedly many states. The is also the neuro-brain side which is closely linked (i think) to hypnosis (there are particular parts of the brain that control emotion, creativity etc). Any advise or information about the brain, or hypnosis itself would really help.

    I have done some research but 'music and hypnosis' returns only information about hypnotic music!

    edit: has a nice article about 'music and the brain' if anybody is interested.

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    I suppose the only thing you can do , to figure it out is to try it.

    but if you are forgetting what you know, the music thats interfering with your composing, perhaps you'll forget how to play? or you'll play and by playing you'll break the hypnosis?

    i konw little triggers can make me jump from one thing to another, eg a word makes me remeber an event.

    just something to thinK about i suppose.

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