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Thread: What is the name of the paper used to draw scatter graphs?

  1. #1 What is the name of the paper used to draw scatter graphs? 
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    What is the name of the favourite type of graph paper used by Biologists to hand-draw detailed scatter diagrams/graphs? I need to plot a lot of data and find I don't have enough space to fit my scatter graph on an A4 piece of regular squared paper (the common type used for general mathematics). I want to be able to plot each point of data on its own line for absolute accuracy, and still be able to fit the graph comfortably on an A4 sheet of paper. It's difficult for me to try and gauge where a point should fall/be plotted when the paper doesn't have enough lines for a fine detailed graph (as is the case with regular squared mathematics paper). Is the name of the type of paper, generally used by Biologists to plot accurate detailed graphs, MILLIMETER paper? I need squared paper with a greater number of lines, with less space between them than the regular squared mathematics paper. Can anyone please help me? What is the name of the paper I should be searching for?

    I apologize if this is the wrong subforum for this thread. I'm a little embarrassed asking this simple question, but unfortunately math has always been a very weak subject for me and I haven't had much practice at drawing graphs for years!

    Thank you very much,
    I really appreciate any help!

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    You can go to a free online graphing web site like the one below and print your own graph paper, selecting whatever grid spacing you want.

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    No need to feel embarrassed, if you're having trouble fitting all of the data points on your graph, why not try adjusting the units in which your data is presented? Perhaps it would be appropriate to plot it on logarithmic graph paper, depending on the nature of your data

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    There are lots of types of graph paper, but why do you need to plot your data by hand?

    Spreadsheets and other data-processing software will easily do the job for you, with the added bonus that you will be able to try various formats at a whim.
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