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Thread: Gastric emptying and nutrient absorption(speed/rate)

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    Is there any studies or other proof that nutrient absorption increases along gastric emptying rate when physical activity is increased above normal levels(ex. aerobic or anareobic exercises).

    I'm curious cause it would seem logical if the body would respond this way to provide calories to the increase demand of energy. I do realize that macronutrient profile in meals would obviously effect this to a good degree as some nutrients are slower to digest than others, but I'm more concerned with is the body making an effort to try to speed up nutrient absorption like increasing gut enzyme production or something based on the demands from various physicial states.

    I ask cause I read an interesting peace about PYY a hormone released in the gastrointestinal tract that seemed to regulate appetite and gastric emptying rate. Now I'm curious to what degree any(if any) of a environment/external variable would effect this hormonal response and more specifically gastric emptying/nutrient absorption.

    Thank you for your responses.

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