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    Does anyone know about the amscope microscopes? I am a vet tech student looking for a microscope with the magnification 40x-1000x. I don't need a ton of bells and whistles (although I am wondering about those that connect to a computer). I want something reasonable so I went to ebay and found their scopes. When I called the toll free number, tho, a man who doesn't speak very good english told me "no, ebay no good. Do not use". He told me all of those scopes were refurbished (funny, it didn't say that on the description). All scopes offered were packaged and came with a 5 yr warranty. He told me to go directly to the amscope site where he directed me to a microscope that I couldn't make heads or tails of. He wanted $700 for it as well. But, even thru ebay, they claim these scopes are good quality. If anyone could give me some feedback, it would be great. Or if there is a scope out there that would be good for a student to use, I am open to suggestions. Nothing expensive please. Thanks

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    Alisa, I think I'm going to move this to the biology forum, where it will be more likely to be seen by someone who uses microscopes.

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    They are pretty cheap.

    I guess people will advice you to go for a Zeiss or Nikon or something comparable, but you won't get any of these for those prices.

    What was the microscope he was referring to? The 700$ one?
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