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    Ok i just watched the movie The Happening where plants develop a nurotoxin that causes humans to commit suicide. Aside from the sudden not working i was wondering how much of a possibility something like this has is as a mutation.

    just wondering
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    A problem with it, is that it wasn't just being given off by new plants, which is where a mutation that could actually effect something like that would occur. It was being given off by all plants. So unless they had all mutated in order to have that capability when they were all seeded, it wouldn't work. It's more along the lines of X-men type evolution, and that is just not how it works. But if that happened then there is the question of why wait that long to turn it on? Another problem is, the chance that every plant, of all the varying types all mutate the exact same way, to produce the exact same poison? That would be probably the most unlikely thing to have ever occurred in the history of the universe.

    Could it happen in a plant or two? Well I suppose anything is possible when evolution is at the reigns. But I think it would be safe to say it is unlikely.

    Always minimize the variables.

    Semper Paratus
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