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Thread: What would one drink if allergic to water?

  1. #1 What would one drink if allergic to water? 
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    I just recently heard of the very rare condition Aquagenic urticaria, which is, as far as I understand, when you're allergic to water.

    However, what I really would like I know is how the few people in the world that have this condition survive, what do they drink?

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    Doing a quick search I found a few articles that say scientists who are studying it, suspect it is due to an extreme sensitivity to the ions dissolved in water. If you could drink only pure distilled water, perhaps the reaction would not occur.

    In any case they never say drinking water is fatal. It simply causes hives and/or swelling and discomfort. I'm not going to sit here and try to say it is no big deal because that would be terrible, but when it comes down to it, the people with this condition are going to drink water. There really isn't any way they can avoid it, without walking around with an IV in their arm all day, and I don't think many people could afford to do that, or would want to do that.

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