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    i was wondering if anybody could help me with choosing my subjects for next year.
    Ill be moving up to year 13(ncea) and am considering going into either biotechnology or neuroscience. Im already going to take biology,chemistry,physics,stat, and by default English. I'm unsure weather or not to take calculus as my maths teacher said to take it if i could and i don't find it too hard however i have only taken 5 subjects the last 2 years and am unsure weather i can cope with a 6th, also some people say not to take 6 as in year 13 you struggle to get achieved. Thanks any advice would be really appreciated

    just wondering
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    Dear Zendra,

    I understand that you are looking for some direction. It can be difficult to make life choices sometimes, including which subjects to take. I had the same experience during my education and I think that probably most if not every member of the forum has gone through this too. Of course, we cannot tell you which subjects it would be best for you to select. My best advice would be to read around all of the subjects that you are potentially interested in, to gauge which subjects you are most interested in and feel that you have aptitude for. As for the workload issue, again there is no straightforward answer. It depends on whether you think that you would be able to divide your efforts effectively between 6 subjects and still be able to achieve high grades. This also needs to be balanced against your willingness to give up a subject. Speaking from personal experience for example, I took 5 AS Levels as opposed to the conventional 4, because I wanted to study all of the subjects quite strongly. In the end, I dropped one subject and achieved 4 A-Levels (3As and 1B). In hindsight, perhaps if I had taken just 4 subjects to begin with, I could have concentrated more energy on each subject and would have achieved 4As. However, I have no regrets because I remember my reasons at the time and would do the same again.

    We can only work with the information that we have at any given time.

    Love from Tri 8)

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