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    Is the Clinical Vampirism only a mental disorder? Doesn't it have any biological disorder(s)? Well, I mean isn't there any organic disorder(s)?

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    translation: are there real vampires?

    i've seen no medical journals stating that there is a medical disorder which requires a person to consume blood rather than or in addition to food. and i doubt highly the ability of such people to conceal the existence of such a disease from medical professionals, so all evidence points to the answer of no. there is not such thing.

    is it even possible? anything is possible but the probability of this is very low.

    physics: accurate, objective, boring
    chemistry: accurate if physics is accurate, slightly subjective, you can blow stuff up
    biology: accurate if chemistry is accurate, somewhat subjective, fascinating
    religion: accurate if people are always right, highly subjective, bewildering
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