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Thread: Pyramiding (vaulting) in tortoises: The open question.

  1. #1 Pyramiding (vaulting) in tortoises: The open question. 
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    The issue of pyramiding or vaulting of the carapace in tortoises has been

    a debatable topic for at least the past two decades.

    The choices of debate have been

    Heredity <----> Diet <----> Environment

    Many have stated too much protein or lack thereof, given the species,

    has been a factor. Some have have debated too much fruit. One camp

    has stated too much and another too little humidity but my experience, I

    have seen many tortoises (primarily of the species: Geochelone

    carbonaria (underlined) and Geolchelone sulcata (underlined)) that have

    had excessive or no pyramiding in contrast to the above. Thus, it seems

    to me, that heredity is still the overriding factor.

    I welcome any information to support or refute this.


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