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Thread: how to make fish alive

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    this is a junior science problem from my brother's book. I hope here can provide a more professional information on that.

    There is a fish bowl where there is some golden fishes swimming inside. Beside the fish and the water there is nothing else. And the fish bowl is put on the balcony. After sometimes the fish are becoming dizzy and seem like going to die soon

    What can be done to keep the fish alive?

    Air pump and any other electric stuff cannot be used

    I only think of a way that is to grow some water plants where it can undergo photosynthesis to give out oxygen for the fishes. But I think the answer would not be that straightforward. By the way, plants will compete with the fishes for oxygen at night. So the fishes may also go dizzy or sick at night.

    Thanks all people please help me

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    I hope you are not putting your fish in the frikkin' sun when you say you put them on the balcony.

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    Ummm... take the bowl back into the living room, change the water, and feed the fish?
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