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Thread: Holding your hand in water make it easier to urinate, why?

  1. #1 Holding your hand in water make it easier to urinate, why? 
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    Just now i really had to urinate but i was busy so held it in. So when i went to pee i didnt have to anymore and i stood in the bathroom for 5 minutes trying... then i remembered this prank where you put someones hand in water and they pissed themselves.

    So what i tried was just holding my hand under running water and just 10 seconds after the urge to urinate returned.

    Coincidence? If not what causes this?

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    Yes, these internal urges come and go, just like hunger and thirst. Perhaps you induced the urge just by the high-frequency sounds produced by the running water (no need to put a hand under it). I've personally experienced sudden urges, and found them caused by other sources of high-frequency sounds (jingling keys, crinkling plastic wrappers, squeaking door hinges, etc). Next time, just try jingling your keys and the next time you experience an out-of-the-blue urge, see if you notice if your experienced high-frequency sound just prior to it.

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