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    Hi, I am in a Grade 12 online biology course and I have an assignment I have no idea how to do

    Use the summary information given for each vertebrate class to draw a phylogentic tree for the vertebrate group. Your tree is to show the chronological evolution from the simplest to most advanced vertebrates. The tree should also show the correct branching to show the origins of each class. Finally, for each class, list one or two important advances over the preceding class.

    Your work will be evaluated on the following details:

    - phylogenetic tree lists all of the major vertebrate classes
    - each class is in the correct order of appearance
    - each class is in the correct location on the tree, in terms of branch structure
    - the major advances are listed for each class

    Class Agnatha (jawless fishes) ex. lampreys
    Class Chondrichthyes (cartilaginous fishes) ex. sharks, skates, rays
    Class Osteichthyes (bony fishes) ex. perch, salmon
    Class Amphibia (amphibians) ex. salamanders, frogs, toads
    Class Reptilia (reptiles) ex. lizards, crocodiles
    Class Aves (birds) ex. penguins, hawks, chickadees
    Class Mammalia (mammals) ex. humans, dogs, whales

    Any help at all (even a little bit) would be MUCH appreciated. I have been looking at examples of phylogenetic trees (I know nothing about them) but they all look much more complicated than I think this has to be. Don't go too hard on me (I'm sure this must seem very simple for most of you).

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    High School is ONLINE now?

    Wow, just wow.

    There are many online resources for phylogenetic trees, Ms. "balla."

    Try Wikipedia, it's great. Just type in "phylogenetic tree" and you will be presented with ample information. I'd link it, but it'd be too much of a balla.

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