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Thread: spiders and their silk

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    today, a small spider lowered itself from the ceiling to dangle right in front of me. it spent the next 20 minutes, until i brought it outside, moving around my head.

    when this spider would move back up, it didn't seem to change position from the way it lowered from the ceiling. it appeared to be on its dorsal side, with its abdomen raised above the rest of the body, the way i've often seen a spider that is lowering itself on its silk. when it ascended the silk, it didn't seem to change position or move any legs or anything and i was puzzled by this. do spiders ascend their silk by actively "climbing" the strand? this spider didn't appear to do anything like that, although that's what i had assumed they did.

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    Hmm... i quite like the thought of a little silky bungee jump, however this is not likely to be the case, given that spiders seem to have 'willful' control of their own ascension... and do not always immediately 'spring' back up...

    So I don't know. Hopefully someone will offer a more sensible explanation!



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