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    We were testing simulated blood and found out different blood types. So the first question is: How is the simulated blood typing similar/different to actual human blood typing?
    We also had a problem with Anti-B Serum because it took some time until it agglutinates. And the question is: what could be the possible explanation to that??
    Thanx for all help.

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    Dear Kasiaogor,

    Firstly, what do you mean, exactly, when you say you were testing simulated blood?

    Secondly, what method did you use to test the simulated blood?

    Only with these pieces of information, is it then possible to determine how the simulated blood typing compares with real blood typing.

    I don't know why anti-B serum would take longer to agglutinate. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that blood serum from individuals of blood group B
    contains IgM antibdodies against the A antigen. I really don't know.

    Best wishes,


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