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Thread: Can anyone advise please??....

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    Hi i am looking for a microscope that is strong enough to look at bird semen but i dont have a clue what im looking for, i found this one on ebay, is it any good or can somebody tell me where to get a decent but not too pricey one please
    thanks Kate

    This Biological Microscope was sourced in China by a local consultancy company for their educational customers. Because of the minimum order requirements, they had to buy more than they needed. I have checked these this biological microscopes and was very impressed by its optical quality and excellent body design. Please check this microscope out if you need a decent biological microscope with affordable price.

    Compact Biological Microscope
    Monocular Head - 45 inclinded, 360 Rotatable
    WF10x Wide Field Eyepiece.
    4x, 10x and 40x(s) Achromatic Objective Lenses
    Fully Coated Glass Optics
    Built-in Incandescent Illumination
    Single Lens Condenser:N.A. 0.65
    Powers Available 40x, 100x ,400x, or 60x, 150x and 600x with the optional WF15x eyepiece
    Coaxial Focus Knob
    Net Weight: 1.5g
    Optioanl parts not included in this auction: A WF15x eyepiece will bring your magnifciation up to 150x, 400x and 600x. The price for the WF15x eyepiece is 14. A mechanical stage to give you more control of your sample. The price for the mechanical stage is 13. If you need any of these optional parts, just pay the price and remind me to send you the parts with your payment

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    That should probably be good enough for seeing sperm, but usually the objective magnifications you want are 10X, 40 or 50X, and 100X

    The 4x is practically useless unless you're looking at fine structure on something macroscopic, like an insect or something.

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