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    I need to answer some questions that my professor gave me yesterday (I just started to study Genetics). However I don't understand two of these, ergo could someone help me out. Yesterday in pairs, we made an "artifical baby" in our lab, where we used our own genotypes to try to figure out what the baby would look like.

    The Questions:

    1. What are some consequences of a controlled genotype? (what does he mean with the word controlled?)

    2. Reflect on how the world’s population would look like if your experiment became a reality? (I don't understand this one, why would the world look different if this experiment became a reality?)

    You don't have to answer them, but I could really need some advice to understand what these question actually are asking of me.

    Help greatly appreciated!

    Thank you very much,

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    Hi Alex,
    The questions don't make sense to me either, I'm afraid. I just wrote to suggest that maybe you ask your Professor or a fellow student?


    Tridimity. :wink:

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    Think about some of the ways genetic plasticity (change) and variation between individuals (difference) benefits organisms. I think that's what your teacher is trying to get at, although the question is confusing.

    I'm kind of understanding the questions as:

    What are the downsides for a species with a fixed planned genome?

    What would the world's human population look like if they were all of a single genotype?
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