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    I have a question regarding a graph with lactate concentrate and heart rate plotted against the power (watts) on the x-axis. I need to extrapolate the slope plotted until the point of maximum heart rate is reached and then read off what power load (Wmax) on the x-axis corresponds with this point. However, then I need to draw and extrapolate the intial and, separately, final levels of lactate and from their intersection determine the lactate threshold and express it as a percentage of Wmax. I don't understand how to do this? I thought you have to find where there is a deflection in the lactate line and that is the lactate threshold. I know the VO2 max is found using = 0.3 + 0.012 x Wmax , but could someone please provide clarity on exactly how to find the lactate threshold from the graph?

    Thanking you in advance.

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