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    Does somebody know how to verify the results obtained from analysis of ancient DNA?
    As far as I know, when I have the DNA sequence extracted from ancient speciment, to make sure that it is not contaminated with "modern" DNA I would blast this sequence to find out if it shows similarity with sequences from related organism. What other ways can I use to do that?
    My another question concerns the major problem of "ancient DNA" studies, why this research has a great burden of proof than "modern DNA" studies?
    Is this just because the ancient DNA could be easily contaminated with other DNA or because it is very degradated and it is hard to use it for molecular studies?
    I would be very grateful for any suggestions or links...

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    I have asked myself the same question while reading article about extracting intact DNA out ancient material. Am sorry to say I cannot help you.
    In the blast search your hoping to find a certain difference with modern human genes and bonobo genes for instance? Still would be difficult I guess, and all depends if you gene coding DNA and how stringent the mutation rate is. Don’t think it will work with blast searches, would ancient just match modern human genes?

    Ancient DNA often degradated into to small for PCR.

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