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Thread: Transmural stomach hemorrhage?

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    What is the definition of a "transmural stomach hemorrhage?" Am I correct in thinking that it is a hemorrhage of the wall of the stomach organ that causes blood circulating the body to abnormally spill into the stomach?
    Also, if blood is able to flow INTO the stomach when this type of hemorrhage occurs, could substances contained within the stomach not in fact also leak/exit OUT of the stomach (entering the bloodstream) via the same entrance? It, to me, seems to make logical sense that substances would be able to leak both ways (in and out) rather than just one. Surely, if there is some kind of hole in the wall of the stomach organ, substances within the stomach (such as ingested medication) could just as easily leak out through this hole and enter the bloodstream as blood pumping around the body can pass through this hole and enter the stomach? Would this not especially be the case if a person suffering with a transmural stomach hemorrhage is moved around a lot, causing the stomach contents to be physically disturbed?
    Apologies if this question is poorly phrased! I am very new to biology and medicine and often have difficulty explaining my thoughts.
    If you feel this question would be better suited to the "health and medicine" subforum, please let me know!

    Many thanks; your help is really appreciated!

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