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Thread: Major genetic engineering achievements so far

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    Hi, im researching how far Genetic Engineering has come in terms of what the public are aware of and is not classified.

    I have recently discovered Spider-Goats

    and although not as exiting looking as i had hoped , i still find it very interesting that this sort of thing is going on and public.

    So if anyone else knows of any similaraly interesting genetics experiments, id be gratefull to be directed towards them.


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    looks, interesting.

    everytime i read articles like that, i begin to think of the ethics surrounding this stuff.

    ok, so this is on the righ side of my line. but what knock on affects will this (general for every one of these achivements) have on the world.

    im pretty sure there are lots of other such achivements, but perhaps this is one of the first to hit the public eye?

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    is genetic engineering okay? see this topic
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