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Thread: An idea of website about any theories

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    English is not my native language, so please to excuse my mistakes if I make some

    I don't know if advertising about another web site will be appreciated here,I try my web site to be know!
    I have put on-line few times ago a web site which have as goal that everyone who have a theory can write it in a wiki but in French, as I didn't have enough times, I didn't arrive to take care about it. Actually I put it again on-line but in English.
    the address is I explain the idea:
    _like any wiki you can create a page, but here, into a page you can put your theory about anything(no matter it's true or untrue,no matter they have been proven or refuted ), there would be one page for one theory.
    _people who have created a page can put link to other pages on related theory.
    _in the main page they will be indirect links to those theories.

    I believe if it works that people will share strange theories maybe not verifiable, and maybe other more verifiable, other theories may be known to be untrue and the author believe it to be true because he doesn't have enough knowledge.I think it doesn't matter if strange theories are written, the more important is that people who tries to prove a theory can have a different point of view by reading another idea.
    More than that: a little bit like in a forum, discussion can be made in the Discussion part of a page(Only the author of a theory should change the body of the page).
    The main idea is that networks of theories (networks made by link in theory pages) would be made.

    Last time when I talk about that web site in a French forum, the idea wasn't totally appreciated, don't hesitate to tell what you like or dislike about this idea.

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