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Thread: Bat genitalia

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    My favorite animal is the bat. Everything about the bat is fascinating. But the detail that intrigues me the most are the genitals of the bat. Examine this specimen:

    Very interesting. Pay close attention to the detail. So any thoughts on this matter?



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    I don't see how this is a productive topic. It's not the genitals I have an issue with. If you started a discussion saying "check out this picture of a Dalmatian. They're fascinating, but what I like most is the spots. What do you think?"- well, I would be just as puzzled. In that situation I might just assume a strange post made in good faith. In this situation however I will allow you one more post to clearly state what point you're trying to make, to explain it in full and to justify starting this discussion.


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    I agree with Biologista. There is nothing to discuss in this topic nor does it have any relevance. I can also say that these pictures might also be disturbing to some members.

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