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Thread: Enzymes: most essential in sustaining life?

  1. #1 Enzymes: most essential in sustaining life? 
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    If not, then what do you consider to be the most essential substance in terms of sustaining life?

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    Altought I agree that current life depents on the action of enzyms, I find it difficult to say they are the most import. You can’t compare the contents of cells with lets say players of a soccer team, which can be replaced so you can say which one is more or most important.
    Without DNA, RNA or lipids there also wouldn’t be life as we know it. Maybe enzymes are less important (cfr. RNA world in the creation of life).
    So I would stick with the miraculous diversity of functions enzymes can perform; and therefore call them the most interesting and complex molecules.

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    i think there are too many to count.
    H2O would be the top of my list, due to the chemical reasoning, and its suitablility.

    however, life's definitions (respiration, reproduction ect,) that make life, well, life is more than likely possible with out water, but just not here.

    it all comes down to the small non complex array of molocules and elements which life is based.

    personal interest would be your best bet as to a proper answer, if you think enzymes are in fact the most important block in life, then your right as far as your concerned.

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