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Thread: Early Earth / UV Radiation / Life ???

  1. #1 Early Earth / UV Radiation / Life ??? 
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    During the early stages of earth there was no O2 atmospheric oxygen, no living things, no photosynthesis, no ozone layer etc. I have been reading that this would have allowed pure UV radiation to penetrate deep onto earth.

    How would this have affected the creation of adenine, amino acids etc. and the first single celled organisms?

    Would they have had to been sheltered in a cave?

    Could the UV radiation penetrate the surface of the earth? Could it penetrate down to the bottom of the ocean?

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    water is a pretty good absorber of any form of light - most visible light will be gone below a depth of 10 metres
    haven't been able to find a specific figure for UV light though, but i expect it to be of the same order, hence most of the ocean floor should be OK when it comes to UV

    + remember there's also plenty of bacteria that live inside the rocks - presumably they would be unaffected by the presence of any form of light

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    "atmospheric oxygen"

    Well, early life wouldn't really have been too happy about atmospheric oxygen either.
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