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    This evening I watched Encounters at the End of the World(1), a program about Antarctica and the McMurdo research station, the largest research station in Antarctica. Here 1000 men and women live together in close quarters risking their lives and their sanity in search of cutting-edge science. In this TV program viewers listen to Werner Herzog the first outsider and filmmaker to be admitted. He is accompanied only by his cameraman. This rare access to the raw beauty and raw humanity of the ultimate 'down under' was fascinating and led me to write this prose-poem.-Ron Price with thanks to (1)Encounters at the End of the World, SBS TV, 10 November, 10:00-11:55 p.m.

    What caught my intellectual fancy in this
    aesthetic and stimulating visual display
    of a frozen continent and its icy waters were
    the words of: (a) a cell biologist describing
    the frightening world of small creatures----
    not frightening to man but to those creatures
    under the ice—and his hypothesis that the 1st
    creatures to live on the land were driven there
    by fear of their life; and (b) a linguist who told
    of our losing several languages a day while we
    worried about extinction of birds and insects.

    Fossil evidence of animal-anthropoid tracks
    in dunes from around 530 MYA---like our
    scorpions---water-based creatures only came
    to the land to escape predators or possibly to
    mate......These creepy crawling critters came
    to the land while evolutionary advancements
    were occurring beneath the waves.....the first
    vertebrates--the fish---and I mused to myself
    on one of the thrusts of evolution: FEAR-----
    and in our time this fear will drive humanity
    to a global federation for its very survival....
    ...part of what Teilhard de Chardin called our
    planetization and what we call globalization &
    which is unifying humanity faster than it knows
    amidst a tempest of chaos and confusion...........
    unpredictable and catastrophic in its effects.......

    Ron Price
    11 November 2009
    (In commemoration of the war to end all wars
    which ended 91 years ago today)

    married for 37 years; teacher for 30; living in Australia for 33 years; Baha'i for 45 years. Writer of poetry for 25 years.
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