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Thread: Possible for us to see 12 primary colors?

  1. #1 Possible for us to see 12 primary colors? 
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    I just read some articles discussing how scientists have cured color-blindness in monkeys by modifying their cone pigments to allow for additional primary colors. To the monkey, however, they were not color-blind; only in relation to human eyesight. Using this same logic, we are color-blind when compared to a Mantis Shrimp, no? If so, wouldn't the same type of process of curing color-blindness in monkeys allow science to effectively cure our hypothetical color-blindness, lacking the additional NINE primary colors that a Mantis Shrimp sees?

    I'm very optimistic for this possibility, as the logic seems plausible. I dream of the unimaginable beauty that such vision would reveal.

    Edit: changed the title to better reflect the real topic.

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