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    Hi fellows,

    I need some help on plagiriasim(?). I've published description and occurrence of 2 fish parasites from a country. Those were two first studies on the subject in that country.

    A couple of years later a researcher prepared a checklist of parasites in that country, and published in a journal reporting that he first found those parasites from the same country same area.

    He intentionally/knowingly ignored my works.

    Is something normal ? I mean can they ignore somebody else's findings and report them as if they first did it ?

    Where can I get more information on subject, or get help from an institution?

    Please any help could greatly be pertiated.

    Dr. OGUT

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      Write to the editor of the journal. Keep your cool. Stick to the facts.

      "Kill them all and let God sort them out."

      - Arnaud Amalric
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