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    I did a lab and i had iodine in the beaker with water, and also we made a model cell that had starch and glucose-- The water entered the cell because the water molecules are so small, and glucose left the cell too the beaker because it's small too. Here are my questions?

    1) Was the solution in the beaker hypertonic or hypotonic?
    My answer would be hypotonic because the water entered the cell, and it made the cell bigger.

    2) Suppose you could isolate a few cells from your body and put them in a water bath like as we did with the model cell-- would they swell up like the model cell did? Do the cells in your body swell up and possibly lyse each time you drink water?

    3)What is the relative concentration of water inside and outside your body cells?

    4) Assuming the dialysis tubing has the same permeability as the cells that line your intestines, which substances should be readily absorbed by the gut and which substances would have to be furthered digested. I used iodine, water, glucose , and starch. My answer would be that we don't drink iodine, water can easily pass through our mouth and does not have to be broken down, and im thinking that glucose can pass and won't have to be digested because it's a monomer , and starch is polymonomer and it might need to be broken down to glucose.

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