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Thread: Growth Hormones and Mustaches on Women

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    I've been curious for a while if there's any correlation between the growth hormones getting fed to livestock, and American women growing mustaches. I'm just wondering, because I'm thinking some of the growth hormones would be testosterone based, and any woman who starts taking artificial testosterone stands a chance of growing a mustache. (Or is it when they take male growth hormones?)

    Clearly, we're talking about just the trace amounts that would be left in the meat when the animal is slaughtered, except milk, which ..... I don't know....

    So, basically, I'm not terribly informed on the topic. I just thought I'd ask. I feel like I know an abnormal amount of women who have to pluck/shave/wax their mustache, and that just seems odd.

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    It's not out of the realm of possibilities.

    Researcher found that they could find a difference between penis defects in alligators in college towns and non-college towns. This is due to contraceptive pill usage.

    As you can imagine we talking about small amounts of hormones here.

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    Not to mention small amounts of alligator penises.
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