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    Im new, I believe this in the correct parent topic. However if I am incorrect dont hesitate to move it Mister/Misses Moderator
    Hi, first off i am a second year sixth grade dropout, and massive college failure, also I know this parts off topic I know, but I feel it cant hurt to include it. I had always known since i was little (only kid I knew who wanted to be an arccheologist or an engineer or an architect) that I wanted to create things, and be involved in the sciences in one form or another.

    after a long period of trial and error (failing almost all classes, not for a lack of trying, but rather not giving a crapola). it was last year I finally decided on what it was i wanted to do. I was thinking of how I could make the world a better place while at the same time disolving some of my many physical ailments.

    after some deep thinking <.< ...and some pot... >.> I was thinking about life and how in its most basic form is basically a manufacturing plant. Eventually I cunclluded that it may be possible to artificially create or alter bacteria to produce a wide almost limitless variety of outcomes that I so desired.

    I just now decided to look things up vaugly about what i called "artificial semi-living nanostructures". and loe and behold the (idea of the)subject has apperently been around for over 40 years. which was really frusterating to me(long story).

    Long Story Short--

    ok, to get on topic before i get booted after my first post :? ...

    I am curious what subjects and to what extent i need to study. I want to become a master of anything remotely involved(realisticly speaking) which the subject matter. though as of my lack of proper knowlege and experiance I seek guidence from those willing to help.

    It is obvious i need biology, and chemistry to great extent, however, I feel to get the best possible understanding of how things work, (which would lead to better working more reliable results in my personal quest to greatness) I would need to take physics, engineering, bioengineering, mathematics, chemical engineering, and some electricle courses.

    Basically i want to know--

    1- in regards to the engineering involved subjects, would it be neccesary to take general engineering, chemical, and biological engineering, or would general engineering be pretty much irrelivent? are these the most vital to my goal?

    2- physics, Im not entierly sure how much of a role physics provides in the real life work on this subject, but i feel if I understand how things work at that level I can better predict and engineer things to corrolate with universal physical properties. am I accurate in my assumption? If so how deep must i delve?

    3- i realize math is of the most important thing when it comes to understanding and relating to the universe around us, but how important is it in my queery? is it mostly figuring out and creating formulas, and similar problems, or do I pretty much need a full degree?

    4- as with physics, i dont see electricity as being very involved with what I am interested in. though I feel understanding how electrons flow, and how energy is transferred from one thing to another could provide some insight to produce better resaults with what i want. again, am i correct, or will other subjects i need to take eventually cover it?

    I personally (as absurdly rediculous as it sounds) want to get a masters in math chem bio and engineering, and at least a batchelors in everything else. my goal, with time, is to perfect what i do with absolute understanding. am I being to ambitious for my own good?

    Also if you think Ive left anything out, please dont hesitate to provide further insite, it would, indeed, be greatly appreciated.

    I apologize for the very long post with relativly little information. and also for any major spelling errors, I have looked over this 3 times but I havent slept in 40ish hours, and did hard labor all day. forgive me if you will...

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