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    Hi everyone,
    I am an adult, but am facinated by nature and our entire world. I have decided it is long past time to acquire the tool to help satisfy my hunger to see our small & tiny world.
    I am shopping for a microscope that I can use for general science study. I want to know what models and types I should look at to satisfy my criteria.
    I want to look at micro items from drops of water, granules of earth & rocks, items I pick off my own body, bugs, and other items. That means slides and 3-D items. I see there are different styles of microscopes for different viewing--lights from above and below, different viewer eye pieces,... but I only want to buy one microscope, so I am hoping I can get a recommendation of a single unit to purchase that would work for both uses (even if the suggestion is to buy one model and buy accessories for alternative viewing options).
    Any reconmmendations on where to purchase the microscope would be helpful too.
    Thank you for any help you can be.

    Wild Monkey
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    Binocular with 3-4 objectives , 10x eye pieces, self illuminating.
    there are hundreds of them on ebay at all price ranges.

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    If you're interested at looking at more macroscopic things like insects a 2.5X objective might be useful. Otherwise, 10X, 40X and 100X will do you just fine. You'll need immersion oil for the 100X though, in many cases. A box of chem whipes with a compressed air bottle would be useful for maintenance.

    Online is a good place to look, and it doesn't hurt to shop around, we just got a new one at work from the sales rep of a company for cheap since it was the show model of an older model they no longer sell.
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