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Thread: Water damage to DNA?

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    Some guy is claiming that water damages DNA and thus, abiogenesis can not happen.. I am trying to explain to him that water contains DNA in it within each of our cells, but I need more information.. Apparently some Robert Shapiro guy said that water messes up DNA.. Now, I am trying to find a website to back myself up.. can anyone help me out?

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    it's true that DNA which is not part of a living organism deteriorates rather quickly in watery conditions, but within a living environment like a cell there's plenty of repair mechanisms to control splitting and maintain the integrity of the DNA molecule

    besides, water as in groundwater is not exactly the same as the "watery" environment within a cell - that's why it's likely that DNA didn't come first, but took over from RNA or similar molecules later within vesicles that acted as proto-cells

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    DNA couldn't exist in its natural conformation without water, so water is nomal environment for DNA and water alone is not "bad" for DNA. However, when you have water you have opportunities for reactions and various reactions can occur over time that can damage DNA. Especially when you have ions in water, the reactions can speed up and and DNA damage can occur.
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