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Thread: Genetics - Drosophila reciprocal crosses and sex linkage???

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    I'm working on a genetics assignment for uni and need some help to get me on the right track.
    It is about crossing Drosophila flys with veinless wings, forked bristles and a yellow body.
    The question is - Indicate whether the cross is (i) mutant females with wild type males, (ii)mutant males with wild type females or (iii) both(ie a recipricol cross), to produce an F1 generation that will enable you to determine if the traits are dominant or recessive and if they are sex linked. Draw mating diagrams and punnett squares to support your answer.

    As far as I can work out I think I need to be doing a recipricol cross? Can someone explain how this cross works to me I think i'm missing some important parts of it?!
    Should I cross the mutant female (XvwXvw, XfbXfb, XybXyb) with a wild male (X+Y, X+Y, X+Y) and then do the same but with a mutant male and wild female? Do I include the sex chromosomes XX and XYin the cross or just the traits?
    If these come out different this suggests that the trait is sex linked right? and then I should be able to work out recessive and dominant traits after that?

    I have scribbled down some working here hopefully you can read it. It takes me too long to type out these things! Does it look right?

    Sorry for all the questions, I think i'm confusing myself somewhere!


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