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    ok i think i am in the right forum. my question is for school and i was wondering what causes your skin to turn "wrinkly" or w/e after you have been in the water for a long time. could anyone give me an answer or a website that i could go to for the answer?

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    well i think it is because the water from the pool make its way into the outer layer of skin by osmosis. There is more water in the pool than there is in your body, so it naturally moves to the place where there is less water, your body. :wink:

    so what causes the skin to wrinkle is actually because the fingers (or which ever part of the body) is actually waterlogged. The extra water in your fingers causes the skin to swell in some places but not others, and that's what causes the wrinkles.

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    It's not just where there is more water, but where there is a higher concentration of salt. There is more salt in your fingers than there is, say, in the bathtub, so the water moves into your fingers causing them to swell and wrinkle.
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