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Thread: Gradualism, Saltation, and Punk Eek

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    What I'm wondering is if Gould and Eldridge's theory has anything to do with saltation. I think this is a misunderstanding but it often comes up. Also, if it does, does that only deal with eukaryote theory or also anatomical jumps.

    Also some main tenets of punctuated equilibrium might help me understand.

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    It has a lot to do with saltation. Gould believes that sudden huge changes in an organism are what really lead to rapid evolutionary change - punctuations. He is an advocate of the "hopeful monster," if you've ever heard the term. In my opinion such sudden large changes are certainly possible but not very likely, not in complex organisms. It's probably more likely to occur in simpler organisms, like single celled microbes, where there are not long complicated developmental processes that can go wrong in all sorts of ways with one sudden drastic change.

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