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    Did they ever find a use for the appendix besides being God's kill switch?

    I just got mine taken out. Monday night is when the pain set in. Tuesday I took my finals when I was in extraordinary pain.
    Also, what is the difference between Oxycodone and Hydrocodone. Hydro's make me sick while oxy's make me feel good. (The oxycodone just kicked in)

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    - Logic of a creationist

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    the funny thing is that natural selection may now be at the stage where it prevents the appendix from getting any smaller : if it were smaller, an inflamed appendix would become even more likely; hence people with a smaller than normal appendix would be at a severe selective disadvantage, if it were not for medical intervention (unless they managed to be born with no appendix altogether)

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    The caecum in herbivores seems to function as both a lymphoid organ and a digestive organ. So, the human appendix may have lost it's digestive properties but it may still play a part in the immune system.

    Also, marnix is right about the inflammation thing as well, natural selection might be incapable of effectively getting rid of the appendix.
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